The Happy Hammock Stones. Year 2008

Rattlesnake Lounge 2008 (5475kb)
Don't Give In (4159kb)
Still With Us (4422kb)

The Spey Valley Stones. Year 2010

That's The Way I Roll (3942kb)
No Good (5446kb)
Miss Romania (4847kb)

The Footlong Stones. Year 2012

Back To Me (4315kb)
Vampire Honey (3759kb)
Does He Tell You (4371kb)

Stones on the House. Year 2014

Slow Down (3548kb)
Heart Breaker Boy (5830kb)
I Got Soul (4180kb)

Kicked in the stones. Year 2015

border line (5144kb)
looking down my street (4555kb)
sleeping beauty (4289kb)