'Wet Dog' appears to be the favourite title that myself and the band are going for on the new record. It is very heavily influenced by Soul music of the 70's. We are hoping to have it out by Christmas this year!
My latest album 'The Road' was released on December 1st 2018.
It needed a serious amount of time, luck and hard work to get through the making of this one. from start to finish it took four and a half years, twenty plus musicians and three studios to get this ready for your ears. A true labour of love.
It was the first time that I've worked with Colin Austin at The Old Tannery Studio, He could see some real potential in the tunes even at their embryonic stages and stuck with them until the end. We have started work on a new 'soul' sounding project with some of the finest musicians in Morayshire, and are hoping for release in late 2019 along with a remix and remaster of The Best of The Stones 2008-12.


Don't go yet (the video at the bottom of the page and single from forthcoming album 'The Road') is available digitally from itunes/apple music/amazon.


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